Revoke consent, Tick boxes and Work Programme notes

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Revoke consent

According to the Universal Jobmatch (UJ) privacy statement , registered users are able to formally revoke consent to it’s privacy policy, it is unclear whether this means anyone on Jobseekers Allowance can revoke consent when they have been mandated to register with UJ via a Jobseekers Direction or when included in a Jobseekers Agreement, but this issue is being investigated and will be reported on via this page when available.

“If you do not want your information to be processed as described by this policy, you make revoke your consent to our Privacy Policy. If you wish to do so, please contact Us at* [email address not working as of 24/11/12] However, please note that if you do withdraw your consent, you may not be able to use the relevant services and your account and profile information will be removed.”

*This contact form: can only be used when logged on to UJ.

Tick boxes?

If you register it is highly recommended you do not tick the box:

“I authorise DWP to view my accounts , including jobsearch activity, feedback and notes”

It seems odd the tick box refers to “accounts”[plural?], noting that the Government Gateway is run by the DWP.

Whilst registration may be mandated, it is unclear whether during the registration process the tick boxes indicated as * (required) are in fact mandatory and whether or not you could get a benefit sanction if you do not accept the “Privacy policy, Terms and conditions, and use of cookies“, this is being investigated and will be reported upon via this page.  It is also highly questionable to have one tick box to cover “Privacy policy, Terms and conditions, and use of cookies”.

The tick box on “I would like to receive DWP email messages” is also ticked by default, as an ‘opt-out’ rather than the more common and acceptable default ‘opt-in’ practice.

Work programme

If requested by a Work Programme provider  to disclose a Government Gateway ID, as an interim untested challenge, you can say that the information is held by the DWP and the UJ privacy policy states that you must keep the ID “secret” saying the ID is used for many online services and not just UJ and suggest that they obtain a letter from the DWP that states it is reasonable to disclose the ID to the provider on a mandatory basis, when requested via a Mandatory Activity Notification. (See Chapter 3a – Mandation)

“Important information – Site security
You are responsible for making sure that your log-in details (your username and password) are kept secret.”