If you are pressurised to allow a Jobcentre, Work Programme Provider or Subcontractor to retain a copy/copies of your CV, It is strongly suggested you only provide a printed copy and one with a copyright ‘watermark to prevent further distribution.

Email: If you do provide an email address choose one that you can delete, google email allows users to permanently delete an account, there are also lots of temporary email services.

Virtual phone numbers: There are many free and paid for virtual phone number services, that provide facilities to listen to voice mail online, be delivered to email, or have them redirected to another landline or mobile phone. There is a Phone Number Disguise Service, though it will cost the Jobcentre or a Provider £0.13 to connect the call then £0.48.51 per minute. There are also Free 0844 Numbers, with some offering voice recording facilities. Number redirection can also be to a voice mail or answering machine that is full or is announcement only and or does not allow messages to be left. Get a free 07040 number that can be redirected to a Mobile number, at no cost to you.

Online contact page: You could also set up a free online contact form/page such as allowing email contact but ensuring no email address need be given.

Mobile phone: Never provide a mobile phone number or provide a pay-as-you-go mobile number, use caller ID display, change the phone’s settings so the number is permanently withheld when making calls or simply dial 141 then the telephone number when you make a call and deactivate voice mail or change the sim (phone number) when needed, many ‘pound shops’ sell cheap sims.

Landline phone: Never provide a land line number or go ex-directory, use caller ID display with anonymous call rejection and block specific number facilities, arrange for your number to be permanently withheld when you make calls or simply dial 141 then the telephone number when you make a call,  deactivate text (sms) and voice mail service or just get a new number.
Note: Going ex-directory is not retrospective and your number is likely to be accessible to many of the online and telephone based directory services.

Online documents: If you want to get help with a CV or Job application, you might want to open an online documents service like zoho docs. You can then sit with the Provider or Subcontractors ‘adviser/helper’ and together complete the CV or Job application. When finished you log out of your account, this ensures only you have a copy of the CV or Job application.

Your CV — Name, address, date of birth, employment history, marital status. Your CV contains so much information that could be used to impersonate you that some online job search services are advising people not to include so many details.”
Source: Experian
Have a look at the CV advice page and a sample CV designed to protect your privacy.

Online recruitment websites:
If you use them, only send your CV in connection with specific Job applications, do not upload a copy which allows employers and anyone else who pays to view it. These sites are ‘free’ because they want to you to allow them to sell access to your CV.

View 25 CVs: £255

eReader: If you have or can borrow an eReader, you can put your CV, Job search evidence on it and then show the Jobcentre, Providers or Subcontractor such as and when required. This also helps inadvertently giving paper copies of your personal information.

Privacy and security: Consider using software and learning skills to permanently erase and overwrite electronic copies of your CVs and Job applications when they are no longer required.

ID Theft and Fraud

  • Block all spam emails and never respond to unsolicited emails.
  • Don’t publish your address, phone numbers, emails, date of birth, place of birth, passport or driving licence numbers anywhere. This includes any sensitive information on friends’ social networking walls.




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