Subject Access Request (SAR) – Data Protection Act

Download this DWP/Jobcentre form:
to obtain copies of your personal information the DWP Jobcentre’s and or it’s Welfare to Work Providers hold about you.

“As DWP is the data controller not the provider, providers do not hold any information about DWP participants in their own right. Any SAR requests for DWP participants should therefore be sent to DWP.

“Providers receiving any SARrequests are required to notify DWP and provide us with [all] the personal data they hold to enable the Department to meet our  legal obligations.”
Source: DWP Central FoI Team

Framework Agreement for the provision of employment related support services
“provide the Authority with full cooperation and assistance in relation to any complaint or request made, including by:
providing  the  Authority (DWP/JCP)  with  any  Personal  Data  it holds  in  relation to a Data Subject”



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