Universal Jobmatch made mandatory, from Monday 4th March 2013?

Universal Jobmatch: Your Rights http://consent.me.uk/universaljobmatch/

Following blog post via @Unity_MoT and PCS Tweet:

@refuted @unity_mot Our information is that DWP are changing policy so using UJ can be made mandatory from next Monday (4 March) >>>— PCS Union (@pcs_union) February 26, 2013

Looks like DWP scheduled  maintenance is to make changes to make it mandatory from Monday March 4th 2013,  most probably by Jobcentre Advisers issuing a Jobseeker’s Direction, like this one.

Below are notes and a draft template letter to  to question any  Jobseeker’s Direction

1) Notes
2) Draft letter to Jobcentre Adviser
(Please see http://consent.me.uk/2013/03/04/privacypolicy/, as policies have changed and letter needs amending to reflect this.)

1) Notes

  • Revoke consent
    UJ website still states it is possible to “revoke” consent to it it’s Privacy Policy.
  • Cookies
    Web tracking cookies regulations means you cannot be required to use you own Internet Access Devices (IADs) to register with or use it. However, Jobcentres can make arrangements to use and register on it’s own IADs, though it still remains unclear whether they comply with the regulations (See Q&A 11source)

2) Draft letter to Jobcentre Adviser

If you get a UJ JD, you might wish to give your Adviser a letter like:

Dear Jobentre Adviser (name person best)

RE: Universal Jobmatch (UJ) Jobseeker’s Direction (JD).

With regards the above matter, to prevent making a formal complaint, can you please write back  to me as soon as possible and advise:

1) How I could go about registering or using UJ, as I normally block all web tracking cookies and similar tehnologies, in accord with my Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations/EU e-Privacy Directive rights?

2) The UJ website says I can revoke my consent to it’s Privacy Policy (PP), can you tell me how I can use and register with UJ if I do not consent to it’s PP in any way?

Universal Jobmatch: Your privacy rights
If you do not want your information to be processed as described by this policy, you make revoke your consent to our Privacy Policy.
(accessed 26/2/13)

DWP/Jobcentre: Policy on consent
“For consent to be fully informed and freely given you need to tell the customer exactly why you need the information, what you are going to do with it and whom you might share it with. We cannot put any conditions on a customer to try and persuade them to consent.
http://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/copy_of_data_protection_act_docu  (accessed 26/2/13)

3) If I do register and use UJ, what will be the consequences if I later revoke consent to it’s PP?

4) Please provide me with a copy of your  internal Jobcentre memos or guidance on the topic of making UJ mandatory via a JD.

5) Please explain why I have been mandated to use and register with UJ, when I use many online recruitment websites that are equal to or superior to UJ, such as jobsite.co.uk,
monster.co.uk and indeed.co.uk?

6) When UJ is used and registered with on a JD mandated basis please tell me without ambiguity whether or not it is mandatory to:

a. Give DWP/Jobcentre access to my account?

b. Accept web tracking cookies and similar technologies?

c. Apply for a job that is not advertised externally and the only application that can be made is via UJ?

d. Apply for a Job listed under the employer ‘Company Confidential’?

e. Apply for jobs listed by recruitment agencies?

f. Register with every recruitment agency that has a suitable job match?

g. To accept email, sms or any other forms of electronic messages?

7) Does this UJ JD mean I have been mandated to register with every recruitment agency that advertises any suitable job matches?

8) What precise UJ registration and account personal data am I mandated to show the Jobcentre/Adviser?

9) If at any time in the future I delete my UJ account, how long is a copy retained?

10) Can I use a pen name, pseudonym, nick name or other name I am commonly known by for UJ registration and use? This would help maintain my privacy and prevent any possible past or future employer knowing I am applying for jobs and thereby jeopardize my employment prospects?

11) are there any provisions or options to give access to UJ, with or without user permission, to DWP contractors and or Local and Central government agencies?

Your JD does not contain answers to the reasonable questions above, please reply asap so I can make a freely given and fully informed decision in compliance with the above regulations, your own policies and guidance and the Data Protection Act.

Yours faithfully

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