Work Programme providers can’t get paid without your consent – New DWP guidance

The DWP has instructed all Work Programme providers to obtain written consent from participants, to ensure they comply with the Data Protection Act, in relation to obtaining from or sharing personal data with employers for outcome payments. Needless to say no one can be forced to sign or consent in any other way to the standard consent form the DWP requires providers to use. (Annex 1 page 10)

“If I am in receipt of any benefits, my entitlement to these benefits will not depend on whether I choose to give consent [sign the form] or not.
Source: DWP Annex 1 of Provider Guidance Chapter 5 – Evidencing/Validating Payments – Job Outcomes and Sustained Job Outcomes updated 28/1/13

Use this template letter to withdraw consent from providers, which also includes consent for them not to make money from your efforts by contacting any employer or tracking any work you do.

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