Universal Jobmatch: DWP reaffirms it is Not Mandatory, No Sanctions and No Directions

“The UJ Jobmatch toolkit chapter 3, paragraph 50, states: “You cannot issue a Jobseeker’s Direction to either require a claimant to create a profile and CV in Universal Jobmatch or to mandate a claimant to give us access to their account – this is their decision not ours.” Paragraph 52 also states that “We cannot specify to a JSA claimant how they provide us with records of their jobsearch activity and Universal Jobmatch will not change this.””
Source: PCS Union – 17th January 2013

“Jobcentre Plus has been instructed not to mandate claimants to use Universal Jobmatch
or issue Jobseeker’s Directions or benefit sanctions until some changes have been made
to the service to support this.”
Source: DWP Central FoI Team 10th January 2013

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