Work Programme: Workfare for sick and disabled people starts December 3rd 2012, with new sanctions regime

From Monday December 3rd Jobcentres to start using #WorkFare for sick and disabled people “There are currently no plans to set a fixed minimum or maximum length for a work(fare) placement” (published 30 Nov 2012)

DWP decision makers guidance – Memo DMG 41/12: ESA: Sanctions and work related activity (published 29 Nov 2012)

Work Programme Provider Live Running Memo
To: Work Programme Providers From: Work Programmes Division Memo Serial Number: 082 Date: 13 November 2012 (published 27 Nov 2012)

“The opportunity for ESA WRAG participants to take part in mandatory community benefit work placements will be introduced from the 3rd December 2012.”

About changes to : Chapter 3c Work experience on a voluntary basis and community benefit [mandatory] work placement

Changes to sanctions for Employment and Support Allowance claimants from 3 December 2012

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